Journey Toward Nativity: The Treasure of Life

I think I’ve gotten caught up in the stuff one might consider as “treasure” more than I care to admit. I often find myself searching for the next great Christmas experience–the best place to immerse ourselves in the so-called Christmas spirit. I crave that music, that movie, that red and green decor. I expect it when I go to the mall, a restaurant, and especially, a church.

Journey Toward Nativity: Into His Life

As I journey toward nativity, I find myself searching for ways to fit Christ in our season. Yesterday was St. Nicholas day, and I will admit, I spent more time focusing on what to put in my kids’ shoes, than contemplating the life of the saint who emanated Christ’s love throughout his lifetime. And yet, last night I was complaining that our Christmas is going to be boring this year—because we don’t have fun plans…you know, that’s what the season is about.