A Mom’s Peacemaking

A long time ago, a friend spoke some truth to me that went dormant in my heart. Lately, it is pressing on me more and more.

She said, “You shouldn’t let your kids offend you.”

This was after I admitted to being personally offended by my school age children’s words.

It’s so hard to not take their words personally now, when they aren’t sassy 10 year olds, but teens and young adults desperately trying to stretch their wings…and sometimes knocking me in the process!

Yet, I think I get too sensitive at times, because I so desperately want to be accepted by my children. They are the most important beings in my life. And, as I prepare them to leave, I am bound by fear of them staying gone. Their reckless words and opinions now, torment my heart and feed my fear. That is the crux of why I act in offense—I am centered in fear of a future outcome. And yet, I become the battling opponent which makes little sense to satiate my fear. Because who wants to return to that?

So…what might happen if, instead, I become the PEACEMAKER in their lives, and let go of my ease of being offended?

Sure, correcting in love, but wearing my armor against their reckless words and behaviors, too, so my words don’t become rash and I don’t run the risk of holding grudges against my own kids!

Maybe the best thing I can model for my growing adults is PEACE in conflict most of all.

I am thankful for the New Year…a new day…and a chance for change. Because if I am the peacemaker in their lives, then one day, they will learn to make peace in their own families, and I can hope that includes me, too.


Published by Angie Dicken

I am an author, mother, and wife. Follow me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/dicken.angie

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