True Worship

Yesterday, I sat in church for the first time. Not really. But if a worship service is truly about worshipping God, then it might have been a time of only few for me. Over the past forty + years, somewhere along this Christian walk, I have made my experience of church about me. My lensContinue reading “True Worship”

What My Daughter Needs to Know About Drama

Can we talk about drama? And I don’t mean the kind that captured my heart in high school, when I transformed into a character on stage. I am talking about a different kind of drama—found in high school too…but oh, so not fun in any way. I have a tween girl. And knowing this timeContinue reading “What My Daughter Needs to Know About Drama”

A Snippet of Truth

Truth: I have more grace for others than myself. My inner critic is at an all time high right now. I keep considering what I said and how it was taken, and maybe I should remove myself from situations where I can talk. 😂But I don’t think shrinking back from community is the right move.Continue reading “A Snippet of Truth”

Jude’s Advice

Sometimes, my scrolling takes me by surprise, and I stumble upon ideas and controversy that leave me unsettled and floundering. How can an opinion hold so much power in my heart? I struggle so deeply with this, it keeps me from peace many times. And I am sure, I’ve pushed people away with my ownContinue reading “Jude’s Advice”

I am losing

I am losing. These three words came out of my mouth the other day. And it surprised me how much they sum up my state of heart when it comes to being the only spiritual leader in my family. On any economy, I am pretty much scraping the barrel, most days, if the currency isContinue reading “I am losing”

A Prayer, Mama

Today, I watch the snow fall in heavy descent. And while the earth is blanketed in white, my thoughts are pressing into the dark corners of my mind. My heart curls its fists as I realize the reason for the additional peace of a snow day—the fact that this day is void of the niggleContinue reading “A Prayer, Mama”

Humility, Love, and Pre-Teens

I am in the thick of teaching my youngest about what it really means to Love sacrificially. A big idea for an eleven year old. But, as I hear about her encounters at school, the societal pressures of a whole student body of pre-teens, and the acceptance rate according to your appearance and your “in”Continue reading “Humility, Love, and Pre-Teens”

Letting Go in the End

I finally realized it the moment I found myself frantically looking up all the life-giving ways he could connect on campus and then worrying about him not seeking them out. Yep, this was me the week we moved him in.

A Mom’s Peacemaking

A long time ago, a friend spoke some truth to me that went dormant in my heart. Lately, it is pressing on me more and more. She said, “You shouldn’t let your kids offend you.” This was after I admitted to being personally offended by my school age children’s words. It’s so hard to notContinue reading “A Mom’s Peacemaking”