Journey Toward Nativity: The Treasure of Life

I think I’ve gotten caught up in the stuff one might consider as “treasure” more than I care to admit. I often find myself searching for the next great Christmas experience–the best place to immerse ourselves in the so-called Christmas spirit. I crave that music, that movie, that red and green decor. I expect it when I go to the mall, a restaurant, and especially, a church.

Journey Toward Nativity: Into His Life

As I journey toward nativity, I find myself searching for ways to fit Christ in our season. Yesterday was St. Nicholas day, and I will admit, I spent more time focusing on what to put in my kids’ shoes, than contemplating the life of the saint who emanated Christ’s love throughout his lifetime. And yet, last night I was complaining that our Christmas is going to be boring this year—because we don’t have fun plans…you know, that’s what the season is about.

Journey Toward Nativity: Mary’s Obedience

For a long time, I would brush past the mother of God in my readings, thinking, “God could have chosen anyone”.
Of course. He’s God.
But would anyone respond the way Mary had?

Journey Toward Nativity: Childlike Faith

What does it look like for me? I am far from the heart of a child. But I am fully aware of the examples Christ gives to return to His way. I can rest in repentance, in Hope, in the beauty of Life around me—the witness of God above.