Many writers say the same thing…I have written stories since I was a child. And really, I have!! I think my first tinkering with words came from my time in British schools in the heart of East Anglia. The children’s literature was so inspiring and I was drawn to writing similar stories of my own. As I got older, I began to write fairytales. I would read to a family friend’s little girl, reading aloud a new chapter fresh from my writing pad. As I became a busy student, I set aside my pen and paper and immersed myself in stories and time periods of long ago. I devoured books and history, acted on stage through high school and community theatre, and all the while, half-written stories floated in my mind.

Then life happened…I shied away from a degree in Fine Arts and earned one in Landscape Architecture. I got married, had a family, and grew up (notice how the growing up part came last?? Lots of growing pains along the way!)

So, when did I get the call to actually write for publication? That was years later…like, twenty or so years! I remember the night well– my third child was just an infant, and I sat by a nightlight in my husband’s grandmother’s apartment. This ninety year old woman inspired me. As she was slowing down amidst my young growing family, an urgency came over me to jot down what she might feel like, what life had been for her, and what it looked like now…on the brink of the end.

Yep, she was my first character study…my first inspiration to write historically, and my first heroine of my first novel.

That defining night is when my writing became an illustration of God’s work in a woman’s heart. At first, it stemmed from speculation about my husband’s grandmother’s heart cries, but then, as I grew a love for Women’s ministry, I found great meaning and purpose in writing not only ABOUT a woman’s heart but FOR the woman’s (reader’s) heart.

Actually, the greatest part about writing fiction, in my opinion, is the ability to weave foundational truth within a made-up story, enough so that the reader walks away with a deeper understanding of themselves and humanity in God’s light. Six novels later, I can see that my calling isn’t just to reveal God’s truth in my stories, but to work out His truth in my life THROUGH my stories. He has taught me that my writing is also for me–to discover His truth in a personal way. Here is a post on my blog to further explain this in my life: http://angiedicken.blogspot.com/2013/07/a-mom-writers-sunrise.html

I love history and Faith and storytelling. Thank you for joining me on this journey and I cannot wait to see what is ahead!

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