Not Feeling Like Myself

I haven’t been myself lately. And today, I finally took a step to proactively figure out what’s going on. I am thankful to have a wise counselor in my life.

There are lots of things we discussed, including some pretty straightforward parenting tips. A few tears were shed, and a moment of realizing I was exactly where I needed to be.

Not just for my mental health, but for my spirituality.

I am learning—or relearning—that my mind and spirituality are two different things. If I am struggling with my mental health, that doesn’t mean that I am off with God. Too often, I value what I “think” above everything else. Something I learned today was that depression distorts our thinking. if I relied on God to be present first and foremost in my mind, then how easily He becomes distorted by my own fallible thinking when my health is off. No, God is right within me—in my heart, in my spirituality—and even if my human mind is floundering, God is still with me, and I am okay, I just need some help.

Do you know how enlightening this is to someone who allowed the negative voices in my mind, direct my perceived spiritual wellness in Christ?

If you are in a muddled mental health season (which 88% of us experience it at one time or another), remember, you are not what you think. If what you think degrades who God says you are, degrades God’s fullness at all, then you’ll know what I mean.

If any of this resonates with you, I encourage seeking the help of a wise counselor, spiritual father, or trusted doctor. God made us for community after all—and there are those who are just wiser, equipped by the Great Healer, to help our minds get healthy, Even if our hearts are in the right place.


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