Journey Toward Nativity: Mary’s Obedience

The highest obedience?

On this journey toward Nativity, the whole of Christendom takes notice of a young woman’s faith–the first person to carry Christ within her–Mary. When she’s given the news of God’s will, Mary doesn’t understand HOW it could be, but she declares, “Let it be to me according to your word.” Luke 1:38

For a long time, I would brush past the mother of God in my readings, thinking, “God could have chosen anyone”.

Of course. He’s God.

But would anyone respond the way Mary had? The thing we don’t get to see, now centuries later, is the prologue to Mary’s entrance on the page. We only see the few paragraphs. We don’t see God’s hand throughout the life of the woman He chose–the woman who chose to obey. If I can see how God prepared my path to become an author (so very clearly most days), then I am pretty certain that Mary could look back on her life at this moment in Scripture and realize the preparation toward becoming the mother of God.

The commentary in my Bible says this:

“Mary’s faithful response is that of highest obedience to God. The incarnation is not only the work of God, but it involves the free response of mankind in the person of Mary. Whereas Eve once disobeyed, Mary now obeys; whereas Eve closed herself to God, Mary opens to His will.”

I hope to continually recall Mary’s obedience throughout this season, but also, throughout my own spiritual journey. The quote pictured concludes my Bible’s commentary on Mary’s response to God. It was written in the 1000’s, surpasses time and culture, and pretty much sums up Mary’s posture–an example for any believer:

“I am a tablet; let the Writer write whatever He desires on it”.

–Theophylact of Bulgaria

How simple it seems, right? But I know it will take me a lifetime of trying. I am thankful for the examples God gave us, the men and women who walked in the highest obedience to Him.


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