Journey Toward Nativity: Into His Life

What in the world does this mean?

Is it just a thought-provoking sound byte in my Bible’s commentary on Ephesians 1:4-6?

As I journey toward nativity, I find myself searching for ways to fit Christ in our season. Yesterday was St. Nicholas day, and I will admit, I spent more time focusing on what to put in my kids’ shoes, than contemplating the life of the saint who emanated Christ’s love throughout his lifetime. And yet, last night I was complaining that our Christmas is going to be boring this year—because we don’t have fun plans…you know, that’s what the season is about.

I have often heard it said that a saint never thinks of himself/herself as godly, but repents as if they were the worst sinner. They see Christ so clearly, that their own humanity pales in comparison. St. Nicholas, for one. Timely example for a personal wake up call.

Stepping into Christ’s life is near impossible if I think He “fits” in my sweet nativity set, our gift-giving to our children and fun plans over the holiday.

Christ is the God of the Universe. And He is so much more than a concept to ground tradition to a faithful meaning.

No, the meaning, the Christ, invites me to step into His life by walking with Him, not just displaying his manger in my house and hanging a cross on the tree.

The rest of the commentary in my Bible says:

“What is true of Christ must become true of one who is in Him.”

So, what in the world does this mean? Maybe it can’t be comprehended by the stuff of the world, but by the One who created it. I am thankful my effort to “fit” Him into my stuff and my schedule has failed. It’s by no accident I write this today. A heart-check for sure.

This Christmas, may I choose to get myself into His Life so the stuff pales in comparison—as it should.


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