Jude’s Advice

Sometimes, my scrolling takes me by surprise, and I stumble upon ideas and controversy that leave me unsettled and floundering.

How can an opinion hold so much power in my heart?

I struggle so deeply with this, it keeps me from peace many times. And I am sure, I’ve pushed people away with my own rash opinion too.

Words can destroy and tear down. I have realized how powerful words can be—especially when riddled with fear. Fear wields all sorts of missteps in my intent and witness.
I cringe at the opinions that flow so quickly from my tongue, not even knowing the full truth of the matter—but a bolster of fear has me do it.
I wobble, I shake, and I lose my footing of a Holy faith.

Only by Love do I steady myself again…only by knowing that any word pales in the Word that saves.
I am thankful for this advice in Jude when we’re faced with grumblers, complainers, divisions (mentioned before this verse). There is great freedom in building up beyond the division and knowing where mercy is truly found.


Published by Angie Dicken

I am an author, mother, and wife. Follow me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/dicken.angie

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